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By Cat Eldridge: Jodi Houser’s Doctor Who: A Tale of Two Time Lords, Vol. 1: A Little Help From My Friends

This graphic novel from Titans Comics involves my two favorite Doctors from the modern era, the Tenth and Thirteen Doctors. Written by Jodi Houser who’s also written Faith for Valiant Comics, Max Ride: Ultimate Flight and Agent May for Marvel Comics, and Orphan Black for IDW, it’s splendidly illustrated by Roberta Ingranata, an Italian artist who’s mainly worked for a European comic publisher I’ve never heard of until now.

Note that Doctor Who: A Tale of Two Time Lords Vol. 1: A Little Help From My Friends is the beginning of a series and not a one-off, so we can expect more delightful tales involving these two Time Lords.

This story ties into the fan-favorite Tenth Doctor “Blink” episode which was written by former showrunner Steven Moffat. With her Companions (Yaz, Ryan and Graham), she battles the Weeping Angels – assisted by the Tenth Doctor! It’s set in the swinging Sixties London, which makes for a good background for a Whovian story.

Ok so how does it read as a Who story? Quite brilliantly, actually. Houser has a deft sense of the Doctors as characters so her script feels right, and Ingranata’s art, though not exactly representative of how I think they look, captures their feel well enough. Tennant’s easy to illustrate as is Whittaker and that helps here. The premise is that during ‘Blink’ the Tenth Doctor and his companion Martha were transported by the Weeping Angels back to 1969 where they will encounter the Thirteenth Doctor. And together they will battle another ancient enemy of the Time Lords.

I’m not going to give anything away but will note that if you like Doctor Who, I think you’ll like this story. Her Doctors  are believable and the story is told very very well with the artwork good enough to carry her story excellently.

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