By Carl Slaughter: Why we won’t be seeing these sequels.

  • Why DC Won’t Make a Robin Movie

  • Why Fans Will Never Get to See Another Terminator Movie

  • Why Marvel Won’t Give Hulk Another Movie

  • Why Marvel Won’t Give Hawkeye His Own Movie

  • Why Marvel Won’t Give Black Widow Her Own Movie

  • Why Marvel Won’t Give The Submariner His Own Movie

  • Why Hollywood Won’t Give Cable His Own Movie

  • Why DC Will Never Give Lobo His Own Movie

  • Why We Never Got to See a I Am Legend Sequel

  • Why We Never Got to See an Inception Sequel

  • Why The Amazing Spiderman 3 Never Happened

  • Why Marvel Won’t Give Ghost Rider Another Sequel

  • Why We Never Got to See a Constantine Sequel

  • Why Disney Gave Up on Tron

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9 thoughts on “Why?

  1. There aren’t nearly as many superhero tv shows and movies as there were westerns in the late 50’s/early 60’s when there were only three TV networks to show them.

  2. Robert, I worldview support tool much – soon we’ll leave superheroes behind and do films on original topics: like rule-breaking police detectives, or misfit soldiers who must become heroes, or immature men trying to win the girls of their dreams, or, or, I dunno, a natural disaster? A family going through personal tragedy? Something inspirational about an athlete? Or maybe even, this is a stretch here, a film or two about a spy. Why who knows what original stuff ljust ike this we’ll create when superhero films are out of the way?

  3. Cassy B: Sweater for cat is mynah nematode. Oarfish, and NOWHERE MAN iterates workaholics corruption. Office Depot courier.

  4. I don’t use auto correct. My dyslexia and arthritis and the inability to type are all owned by me.

    I was just wondering about Supergirl. The guest visiting of so many other super heroes on the show. Is it because she’s kind of bland? I mean, she comes in from another planet, an equal to her cousin and she’s told to suppress herself? What?

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