Won’t Take No For An Answer

See, here’s what Kickstarter should be used for — raising money to build the Death Star. Someone has posted an appeal for £543 quadrillion to fund the project – which The Register reports is coincidentally the same cost estimated by the White House when it rejected an online petition asking Obama to build the spacecraft.

And there are incentives!

Those who pledge more than ten pounds will receive “your name etched onto the underneath of one of the MSE-6-series repair droids used on the finished station” and is promised for delivery in December 2015. Those who pledge lesser amounts will receive only “Our thanks and the knowledge that we’re one step towards a safer planet.”

1,734 backers have pledged £254,607 so far.

No, this is not a joke! (By the way, the funding period closes April 1.)

[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]