WOOF Returns

Lloyd Penney says his last message to fanzine fans got a rave response, “and there will be fanzines in the lounge, no matter what the lounge looks like.”

As if that challenge wasn’t enough, Lloyd has picked up another gauntlet:

Now, John Hertz has persuaded me that WOOF, the Worldcon Order Of Faneditors apa, moribund for several years now, should be relaunched. If anyone is interested in contributing to the 2009 WOOF, please bring 50 copies of your apazine to the Lounge, and we will set a time for collation, and post it in the lounge area.

If you know people who have contributed to WOOF in the past, or have done so for many years, please send this message to them, or give me their e-mail address, and I will relay the information to them.

Any other comments? Any words about things I should know or remember about WOOF? Any history of WOOF I need to follow? Please let me know asap. Thank you!

WOOF was created by Bruce Pelz for the 1976 Worldcon. Google returns plenty of references to it in archived Worldcon publications – perhaps one of them will be helpful?

To contact Lloyd by e-mail, use this address: <penneys [at] allstream.net>

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2 thoughts on “WOOF Returns

  1. I made sure WOOF returned when I created the combined fanzine lounge/fanhistory display/fan programing track room at Suncon, in 1977, for what it’s worth, and checked to be sure it would happen again when we did Iguanacon in 1978.

    My one question is that, small as fanzine fanzine may be these days, is fifty copies really enough? Wouldn’t it be better to have some copies left over for the future, and go for at least a hundred, instead? Or am I over-estimating the interest level these days? Is the cost and effort differential that much more?

    Also, as usual, I’d make this simple recommendation: people should try to avoid writing crap, simply to have something to include. It’s a principle rarely sufficiently followed in fandom, or anywhere, he observed cynically.

  2. I knew that WOOF’s old copy count was 100, but given travel expenses, weight on a plane, etc., I thought 50 would keep it to a manageable level. I discussed that with John Hertz, too. If it’s a relaunch and it sticks, 100 copies could be done for the future.

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