WSFA President Suffers Heart Attack

Judy Newton, president of the Washington Science Fiction Association, was hospitalized after having a heart attack on February 8. She will undergo bypass surgery on Friday.

[Thanks to Rich Lynch for the story.]

5 thoughts on “WSFA President Suffers Heart Attack

  1. After menopause, the odds of a woman having a heart attack are exactly the same as a man’s. The importance of diet, blood pressure regulation, not smoking, weight control, exercise, and all other controllable factors are exactly the same.

  2. Postings by Judy’s husband Barry on the WSFA list tell us that Judy had a quintuple bypass operation this morning. He writes that: “She eventually woke up, was able to respond to the staff–and to me–eventually got the breathing tube out, and actually could talk. If all continues to go well, she’ll be moved out of ICU sometime tomorrow, and even encouraged to spend some time on her feet. This just blows my mind. Home some time next week, probably Thursday.”

    All in all, very good news!

  3. I’m as gobsmacked as anyone that this happened to Judy, one of the few people I know who has maintained a substantial weight loss over decades. Still, I do think that has worked in her favor. And it has encouraged me to maintain my own recent weight loss, and continue my exercise program.

    Last I heard, Judy was going home today or tomorrow.

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