2011 First Fandom Award Nominees

The nominees for First Fandom’s annual awards have been announced by President Joan Marie Knappenberger.

Hall of Fame Award

Jay Kay Klein
Ray Bradbury
Keith Stokes

Posthumous Hall of Fame Award

Oliver Saari

Sam Moskowitz Archive Award

Ray Palmer
Hannes Bok
William Hamling
Stephen D. Korshak

3 thoughts on “2011 First Fandom Award Nominees

  1. You appear to have the list of awards and nominees reversed. The ones listed under “Sam Moskowitz Archive Award” are clearly the living people nominated for that award that goes to living collectors, and the list of Famous Dead People are the nominees for the Hall of Fame, who are dead.

    I haven’t read the rules, but I’m pretty sure about the whole dead and living thing. 🙂

  2. @Gary: The way you describe it doesn’t make it sound like a mistake. In any event, I can vouch that the list is transcribed directly (and correctly, because I just rechecked) from Scientifiction, First Fandom’s newsletter.

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