2012 Site Selection Report

Mark Linneman’s official 2012 Site Selection report now is posted on the Worldcon website. It confirms the vote totals I ran the other day and is studded with fascinating details about the write-ins. Mark says:

There were 25 votes for “none of the above” and 20 expressed no preference. Minneapolis in ’73 received 8 votes, Peggy Rae’s 4 votes, Monkey’s Eyebrow 3, and Dave McCarty’s and Xerps in 2010 2 votes each. Fifteen different locations each received a single vote. There were 189 mail-in ballots and 337 cast at Aussiecon 4.

Single Votes: Chiculub, Chitzen Atzai, Barnes City,IA, Dave Freer’s House, Mons Olympus, Tenopah, NV, Kauai, No Dams, Antartica, Boston in Orlando, New Zealand 2020, Huntsville, AL,Rottonest Island, The Fabulous Bungalow, Perth, Australia.

Hard to guess the intent behind some of these misspellings. On purpose? By mistake? Years ago a friend of mine cautioned, “Intentional misspellings are meaningless when true errors abound.”

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8 thoughts on “2012 Site Selection Report

  1. chicxulub isn’t really even a place. It’s a crater. Under water. Under layers and layers of ancient limestone. It would be hell trying to book a hotel…

  2. While “The Fabulous Bungalow” throws some great parties, I don’t think John & Kathi are quite up to having a Worldcon taking up short term residence.

  3. Chicxulub Villa Rental Overview:


    Chicxulub, Yucatan, Mexico
    5 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms Sleeps 14
    Beds Setup: 2 queens/3 kings or 6 singles
    Property Size: 5500 sqft.

    . Here is a nice 3-bedroom, which also says:

    There are Restaurants, Theaters and Shopping Malls that are within a just 30 minute drive. Or just 10 minutes drive to Progreso’s malecon to one of our local beach bars or restaurants for a glass of wine and fresh catch of the day of lobster or fish at incredible prices. This is truly the most peaceful beautiful secret Mexico

    So one could have at least a decent party in the village.

    And there are definitely beds; there are a bunch of other rentals, if you don’t mind having a larger group spread out.

  4. As Kevin Standlee suggests there were some terrible scrawls on the ballot as well as mispellings. (My eyes are not up to decoding some fannish handwriting). It was not all handwriting – Minneapolis was spelled three different ways; impressive considering it got eight votes. When there was more than one vote I attempted to use the correct(ed) spelling.

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