2013 Sir Julius Vogel Award Nominees Wanted

SFFANZ, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand, will be taking nominations for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for 2013 through March 31. Anybody may nominate —

There is no requirement for the nominator to be of age, of sound mind, or even be a New Zealander, however, the nominator does need to be living. SFFANZ may be liberal minded as to who may nominate, but it is not so licentious as to allow zombies to have their halfpennith-worth.

The inspirational Sir Julius Vogel was a 19th-century Prime Minister of New Zealand. His novel Anno Domini 2000 – A Woman’s Destiny, published in 1889, is the earliest known sf novel by a New Zealander.

Professional nominations can be for novels, short stories, art and others. Fan nominations can be for fanzine, writing, art, Services to Fandom, Services to Science Fiction, etc.

Eligible nominees are works by a New Zealander, or a New Zealand resident, created in 2012. The New Zealander may be someone living out of the country. Published works need to have appeared in New Zealand first.

A detailed nomination FAQ can be found here. SFFANZ maintains a list of eligible professional works here. (I never heard of The Almighty Johnsons before!)

Voting for the awards will take place at the 2013 National SF Convention Au Contraire.

[Thanks To David Klaus for the story.]

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