2015 Aurora Awards Group Photo

2015-1121_SFC6-LUM_PressRelease COMPHere are the winners and accepters of the 2015 Prix Aurora Awards given November 22 at Canvention 35/SFContario 6 in Toronto.

In the back row: Karl Schroeder, Kari Maaren, Derek Newman-Stille, Peter Watts (Awards MC), Clifford Samuels accepting for Copper Pig Writers’ Society, Hayden Trenholm accepting for Charles de Lint and Dan O’Driscoll.

Front row of seated/crouching people: Eric Choi, Caitlin Sweet holding for Derek Newman-Stille, Julie Czerneda, Catherine Crockett accepting for Sandra Kasturi, Tony Pi.

Photo credit: Do-Ming Lum, Tiger Mountain Creative Services.

[Thanks to Clifford Samuels for the story and captions.]

2 thoughts on “2015 Aurora Awards Group Photo

  1. Congrats to all the winners. Classy looking trophy, too.

    Peter Watts appears to be somewhat tall.

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