2016 Rhysling Award Winners

2016 Rhysling

The 2016 Rhysling Award nominees have been assembled in this anthology edited by Charles Christian.

The Science Fiction Poetry Association announced the winners of the 2016 Rhysling Awards on June 20.

Short Poem


  • “Time Travel Vocabulary Problems” (Dreams and Nightmares), by Ruth Berman

2nd place

  • “Tech Support for the Apocalypse” (Dreams and Nightmares) by F. J. Bergmann

3rd Place

  • “An Introduction to Alternate Universes: Theory and Practice” (Gyroscope Review) Sandra J. Lindow

Long Poem

Winner (tie)

  • “It Begins with a Haunting” (Dance Among Elephants – Sahtu Press), by Krysada Panusith Phounsiri


  • “Keziah” (Dark Energies – P’rea Press), by Ann K. Schwader

2nd Place

  • “Chronopatetic” (Dreams and Nightmares 100), by F.J. Bergmann

3rd place (tie)

  • “from “Sunspots”” (Poetry, December 2015), by Simon Barraclough


  • “The White Planet” (Boulevard 31:1), by Albert Goldbarth

The Rhysling Award will be presented at DiversiCon (July 29-31) in St. Paul by SFPA Vice President, Sandra J. Lindow.