2016 WSFA Small Press Award Seeks Nominees

SF authors, small press publishers and WSFA members have until March 31 to nominate stories for the Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award for short fiction, now in its tenth year. The award honors the accomplishments of small presses in promoting and preserving sf.

Eligible nominees are works of short fiction up to 17,500 words long in the sf, horror and fantasy genres, published by a small press in book or periodical form.

  • Book: A small press is defined as a hard copy print or web publication house releasing no more than 45 titles in the year that the story is published.
  • Periodical: Small press periodicals are paper publications with a circulation of fewer than 10,000 paper copies, or web publications with fewer than 10,000 subscriptions. Periodicals must compensate authors in some manner, and authors must not contribute financially to the publications.

The winner will be chosen by the members of the Washington Science Fiction Association. Blind voting is done using texts with the identity of the author and publisher stripped.

According to The Rules: “A single representative of a small press or periodical may nominate no more than three (3) stories, which may include stories published by the press/periodical or others. This representative may be the publisher, editor, or an official desgnee. An author may nominate one (1) story, published by themselves or others. A WSFA member may nominate one (1) story.” Then five members of WSFA screen the submissions and produce the list of finalists.

Members of the WSFA Small Press Award Committee are Roger Burns, Cathy Green, Charity Helton, Sam Lubell, Sarah Mitchell and Carolyn Frank (Administrator).

The award, consisting of a small acrylic trophy, and a monetary prize of $500, will be presented at WSFA’s annual convention, Capclave, held October 7-9 in Gaithersburg, MD. Certificates of recognition will be presented to the other finalists.

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