2017 Hugo Award Voting Opens

Online voting for the 2017 Hugo Awards is now available and will continue until July 15 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Members of Worldcon 75 have been emailed personalized links to the final ballot. Voting by postal mail is also an option — a printable version of the Hugo ballot was included in Progress Report 4, which can be downloaded from the convention’s website.

Those voting online can make as many changes to their ballots as they want up to the deadline. A copy of their current ballot will be emailed to them an hour after they finish modifying it.

The Hugo Voter Packet will be available by May. An announcement will be made when it is ready.

The Hugos will be presented August 11.

10 thoughts on “2017 Hugo Award Voting Opens

  1. Yup, I’m excited to start putting in my initial choices too! Lots more to read and look into though. Looking forward to seeing what gets provided in the packet.

  2. Ballot-box ticking…

    “The scrolling has already started; It is too late for the pixels to vote”

  3. My third year of voting. I’m managing to get a decent start on the reading this year, which is making it much more fun than previously.


  4. Just got done putting in some of my votes, and I have to hand it to the programmers again. Just like the online nominations form, the voting site works wonderfully and looks gorgeous!

  5. This time, actually ticking the box.

    “A scroll on the hand may be quite continental, but Pixels are a Filer’s best friend.”

  6. The Hugo e-mails always wind up in my spam filter; I really need to whitelist their address or domain. Anyway, yay, voting may commence! And packet coming in the near future!

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