2017 Pegasus Award Nominees

The 2017 Pegasus Award finalists have been announced.

The Pegasus Award is given by the Ohio Valley Filk Fest and for excellence in filking. Anyone in the filk community can vote on the winners, and community is broadly defined — check out the rules here.

Whether or not you vote, enjoy the sound clips of the nominees here. The ballot is here. The last full day to vote is October 15.

Best Filk Song
The Girl Who Couldn’t Even The PDX Broadsides
Nine hundred and ninety nine Mich Sampson / Marilisa Valtazanou
Pageant Legend Katy Dröge-Macdonald /Ju Honisch
Scarlet Town Cathy McManamon
We Are Who We Are Michelle Dockrey / Tony Fabris
Best Classic Filk Song
Alligator in the House Betsy Tinney / Cade Tinney / S. J. Tucker
The Evil Eyeball Sibylle Machat
Grief in Little Pieces Phil Allcock / Talis Kimberley
Small Designs Barry Childs-Helton
Vor Bill Sutton
Best Performer
Chris Conway
Tim Griffin
Leslie Hudson
Judi Miller
Vixy & Tony
Best Writer/Composer
Ju Honisch
Jordin Kare
Cathy McManamon
Benjamin Newman
Andrew Ross
Best Horror Song
The Dark Man Paul Kwinn
Dear Gina Seanan McGuire
Hello Stranger Erica Neely
Hellraiser Tom Smith
Mina’s Song Zander Nyrond
Best Perky Song
Chocolate Is A Vegetable Graham Leathers
Everybody Hates Elves Kari Maaren
Nathan Fillion (Please Take Off Your Pants) The PDX Broadsides
Perky Goth W. Randy Hoffman
What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone? Carla Ulbrich

 [Via SF Site News.]

5 thoughts on “2017 Pegasus Award Nominees

  1. The final nail in the “no, I’m really definitely not a filker any more” coffin is that I don’t recognize any of the candidates for “classic” filk song.

  2. Heather Rose Jones: Check out Alligator in the House Just for the sheer silliness. I’ve even tried singing it in circle to decent effect, though it lacks something without the cello.

    I’m not familiar with much of filk music; I enjoy it but being in a relatively isolated area, even with some prime filkers local, I miss out on a lot of what’s popular.

  3. I don’t know why, but it makes me unreasonably happy that there’s a category for “best perky song”. (Although shouldn’t there be a “best ose song”? (The joke is, “ose, ose, and more-ose (morose)” for what we’d now call grimdark songs, like Ian the Grim.)

  4. Yes, Best Ose Song was back in 1987, and yes, it was “Ian the Grim” that won. But I read ose as different from grimdark. Ose songs can see things getting better in the future or happiness now, which isn’t really possible in the grimdark genre.

    (Swedish filk has created very few ose songs, unless one includes the LARP/reenactment communities. But the ones we do have mostly involve gafiating.)

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