2018 Forry Award

Steven Barnes

The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society has voted Steven Barnes its Forry Award for service to science fiction.

He joins the ranks of 53 others who have been honored by the LASFS since 1966.

The award will be publicly presented at Loscon over Thanksgiving weekend.

Barnes’ reaction was: “Well, dang! There’s an honor I wasn’t expecting!”

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5 thoughts on “2018 Forry Award

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  2. Steven used to run Tai Chi in the early mornings of Norwescon in Seattle. He’s an extremely nice person with some fantastic insights into the craft of writing – and more than a little to say about the business end.

    I tend to find all of the panels he’s on because he has so much to say, and rarely repeats himself from panel to panel.

    This is well-deserved.

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