2018 Leo Literary Awards Announced at Furry Weekend Atlanta

The second annual Leo Awards were presented at Furry Weekend Atlanta on May 11.

Congratulations to Ursula Vernon on another win!

The Leo Awards’ goal is to highlight exceptional works of literature in the furry fandom. The juried award is given to those works that surpass a benchmark score, which means that there can be multiple “best” works in each category.

The finalists are listed here with the award winners in BOLDFACE.


  • The Demon and the Fox, by Tim Susman
  • Heirloom of the Rusks, by Lucas D’Aquina
  • Wonder Engine, by Ursula Vernon
  • Small World, by Gre7g Luterman


  • The Snake’s Song, by Mary E. Lowd
  • Queen of Arts,by Frances Pauli
  • Silence of the Dragon, by Madison Keller


  • Infurno, by Thurston Howl
  • Typewriter Emergencies, by Weasel
  • ROAR 9, by Mary E. Lowd
  • Dissident Signals, by NightEyes Dayspring and Slip Wolf
  • CLAW, by K.C. Alpinus
  • 12 Days of Yiffmas, by Thurston Howl
  • Furry Trash, by JFR Coates

Short Stories

  • “The Promise,” by TJ Minde, in HEAT 15
  • “A Road of Dust and Honey” by Searska GreyRaven, in Dissident Signals
  • “Smokey and the Jaybird,” by Slip-Wolf in CLAW
  • “Roses,” by Searska GreyRaven, in CLAW
  • “House of Hares,” by Madison Keller from Slashers
  • “Wing Day,” by Mary E. Lowd from Daily Science Fiction
  • “Damned If I Don’t,” by Thurston Howl from Slashers
  • “Saguaros,” by Watts Martin in ROAR 9
  • “Resistance,” by David Sula in ROAR 9
  • “No Dogs,” by K.C. Alpinus in ROAR 9
  • “Not All Dogs,” by Mary E. Lowd in Dissident Signals

Book Covers

  • Heat 15, by Maquenda
  • Cold Blood: Fatal Fables, by Lew Viergacht
  • Purrfect Tails, by Monori Rogue
  • Furry Trash, by (unknown currently)
  • Slashers, by Stedilnik

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