Eric Flint Hospitalized During Spikecon

Eric Flint

Eric Flint was taken ill with a bout of pneumonia while attending the NASFiC/Westercon/1632 Minicon in Layton UT last weekend as one of the guests of honor.

Walt Boyes informed Facebook readers on July 7:

He is in the hospital, getting antibiotics and oxygen but he’s doing well and expects to get out and go home in a couple of days. He was able to do Snerking the Plots by Skype from his hospital bed. He’s going to be fine, so no worries, but good thoughts would be appreciated.

Best wishes to him for a full and rapid recovery.

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13 thoughts on “Eric Flint Hospitalized During Spikecon

  1. I’m so sorry that what should have been a fun experience for Eric ended up being otherwise. Best wishes to him for a fast and full recovery, and thanks to everyone who helped him and Lucille.

  2. I saw him walking around on Friday and he did not look well. Apparently he wasn’t. I’m glad to hear he’s getting better.

  3. @Michael J. Lowrey: If you mean Joe Hill the gunfighter, outlaw, and rancher, no, he died, age 35, of being thrown from his horse during a cattle drive near his place in Cochise County, Arizona.

    First thing I heard about Eric Flint’s worrisome turn was during SpikeCon Closing Ceremonies, where David Weber described what happened. (He also mentioned a heart condition, IIRC.) Weber seemed to think Flint is going to recover fully, and I certainly hope he’s right.

    ETA: Cochise County, AZ is where Benson of song fame can be found. In any event, it’s the state’s southeast corner, about as far from Utah as Arizona allows.

  4. @Hampus, thanks. It’s odd that I’d forgotten that bit of Wobbly (not to mention folk-song) history, but it now rings a bell. So, yes, Utah is indeed where they got Joe Hill.

  5. Flint came by while we were setting up for Friday’s Match Game SF and told us that he wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be able to participate. He started to explain, and I told him that no explanation is necessary, and that taking care of himself comes first.

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