2019 Deutscher Phantastik Preis Winners

A Deutscher Phantastik Preis trophy beside the cover of the winning comic.

The Deutscher Phantastik Preis 2019 ceremony at BuchBerlin on November 23 honored creators of speculative fiction published for the first time in German language during the previous year.

In addition, history was made when a version of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince in Klingonese (simultaneously translated to German) won the Best Translation award. It was touted as being the first time a Klingon book ever won an award.

Bester deutscher Roman / Best German Novel

  • Das Vermächtnis der Grimms – Wer hat Angst vorm bösen Wolf / Nicole Böhm / Drachenmond Verlag

Bestes deutschsprachiges Romandebüt / Best debut novel in German

  • Der fünfte Magier: Schneeweiß — Christine Weber — Selfpublishing  

Bestes deutschsprachiges Jugendbuch / Best German language youth book

  • Loa – Die weiße Mambo — Petra Reneé Meineke — Sad Wolf Verlag

Bester internationaler Roman / Best international novel

  • Elfenkrone — Holly Black — cbj Verlag

Beste deutschsprachige Kurzgeschichte / Best German short story

  • Houston hat Probleme — Markus Heitkamp — Talawah Verlag

Beste Deutsche Anthologie / Best German anthology

  • Noir Anthologie (1) — Mica Baram u. a. — Sadwolf Verlag

Bestes deutschsprachiges Hörspiel/Hörbuch / Best German Language Radio Play / Audiobook

  • Die Chroniken von Azuhr – Die Weiße Königin — Bernhard Hennen — Wolfgang Wagner — Argon Verlag

Beste deutschsprachige Serie / Best German Language Series

  • Das Erbe der Macht — Andreas Suchanek — Greenlight Press

Bester deutschsprachiger Grafiker /Best German-speaking Graphic Artist

  • Die letzten Zeilen der Nacht — Alexander Kopainski — Drachenmond Verlag

Bestes deutschsprachiges Sekundärwerk / Best German Language Secondary Work (i.e., Related Work)

  • Es lebe Star Trek – Ein Phänomen, zwei Leben — Björn Sülter — Verlag in Farbe und Bunt

Bester deutschsprachiger Comic / Manga / Best German Language Comic / Manga

  • Capacitas — Marika Herzog — Eigenproduktion  

Sonderpreis 2019: Beste Übersetzung / Special Award 2019: Best Translation

  • ta’puq mach – Der kleine Prinz auf Klingonisch & Deutsch — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – tr. Lieven L. Litaer — Der Verlag in Farbe und Bunt

3 thoughts on “2019 Deutscher Phantastik Preis Winners

  1. So which of Black’s works got translated as Elfenkrone? I’m guessing either The Cruel Prince or The Wicked King (those being her two latest until last week), since both are specifically about elves, but it’s not obvious which.

    And is there any chance of the German winner being translated? My German is sufficiently limited/liturgical that I can’t guess how they’re using “Grimm”.

    I’m croggled at the thought of The Little Prince in Klingon — it seems like the sort of story that would take about a page in a so-Buffy-staked-Edward fashion if it were translated in context rather than literally. And I wouldn’t have guessed there would be enough speakers of both German and Klingon to make this effort worthwhile — today I am among the 10,000

  2. @Chip Hitchcock: I’d translate that title as “The Legacy of the (brothers) Grimm – Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” The synopsis on Kobo sounds reasonably interesting.

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