2019 Seiun Awards

Peter Tieryas

The 2019 Seiun Awards were presented and presented at the 58th Japan SF Convention “Ayon” on July 27.

Peter Tieryas and Liu Cixin won for Japanese translations of their work. Studio Nue co-founder Naoyuki Kato (The Legend of the Galactic Heroes mechanical design, Guin Saga novel illustrations) won the Art category for the eighth time since 1979.

MINERVA-II1, the Hayabusa 2 spacecraft’s rendezvous with asteroid 162173 Ryugu, won the “Free” category.

The award has nine categories. Below are the categories for translated works, and a few other categories of international interest.


  • Mecha Samurai Empire by Peter Tieryas. Translated by Naoya Nakahara


  • “The Circle” by Liu Cixin. Translated by Naoya Nakahara



Editor’s Note: I have followed the translations shown in the Wikipedia article for the first two categories.

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  1. For those interested in watching it, SSSS.Gridman has been licensed for English streaming, and is available through Crunchyroll and Funimation.

    The winner for Best Comic/Manga: Girl’s Last Tour, has also been licensed for an English release, and the anime adaptation is available to Amazon Prime subscribers.

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