2020 Dream Foundry Contest Finalists

Dream Foundry has announced the finalists in its contests for speculative fiction writers and artists. 

The Writing Contest finalists are:

  • Jennifer Bushroe
  • Tehnuka Ilanko
  • Allison King
  • Monique Laban
  • Julia Leef
  • P.H. Low
  • Finn McLellan
  • Rodrigo Assis Mesquita
  • Lisabelle Tay
  • Nick Thomas

The Writing Contest judges are Neil Clarke and S.L. Huang, who will select the winners. The prizes for contestants will be: (1st) $1000, (2nd) $500, (3rd) $200.

The Art Contest finalists are:

  • Lauren Blake
  • Thaleia Demeter
  • Sam Hutt
  • Michaela Matthews
  • Aya Sabry

Art Contest judge Grace P. Fong will select the winner of the Monu Bose Memorial prize for art, who will be awarded $1000.

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