2021 Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire Winners

The winners of the 2021 Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire have been announced. The awards were presented online, rather than as they usually are at the Étonnants Voyageurs festival in Saint-Malo, France.

The jurors for the award were Joëlle Wintrebert (president), Jean-Luc Rivera (vice-president), Bruno Para (assistant secretary), Jean-Claude Dunyach (treasurer), Sylvie Allouche, François Angelier, Audrey Burki, Olivier Legendre, Sylvie Le Jemtel, Jean-Claude Vantroyen. The Secretary (not a member of the jury) is Pascal Patoz.

Roman francophone / Novel in French

  • Le Sanctuaire by Laurine Roux (Le Sonneur)

Roman étranger / Foreign Novel

  • Kra, Dar Duchesne dans les ruines de l’Ymr by John Crowley (Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr; L’Atalante)

Nouvelle francophone / Short Fiction in French

  •  “Toxiques dans les prés” by Claude Ecken (in Nos futurs, ActuSF)

Nouvelle étrangère / Foreign Short Fiction

  • La Fabrique des lendemains (collection) by Rich Larson (Tomorrow Factory; Le Bélial’ & Quarante-Deux)

Roman jeunesse francophone / Novels for youth in French

  • Steam Sailors, tomes 1 & 2, by E. S. Green (Gulf Stream)

Roman jeunesse étranger / Foreign novels for youth

  • La Trilogie de la Poussière, tomes 1 & 2, by Philip Pullman (The Book of Dust Vol 1-2 [La Belle Sauvage, The Secret Commonwealth]; Gallimard Jeunesse)

Prix Jacques Chambon de la traduction / Jacques Chambon Translation Prize

  • Jean-François Le Ruyet for Djinn City by Saad Z. Hossain (Agullo)

Graphisme: Prix Wojtek Siudmak  / Wojtek Siudmak Graphic Design prize

  • Vaderetro for Steam Sailors Vol 1-2 (French novels), by Ellie S. Green (Gulf Stream)

Essai / Nonfiction

  • Kaiju, envahisseurs & apocalypse. L’Âge d’or de la science-fiction japonaise by Fabien Mauro (Aardvark)

Prix special

  • Le Cycle des contrées, by Jacques Abeille (Le Tripode)

 [Thanks to JJ for title identifications and translations.]

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2 thoughts on “2021 Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire Winners

  1. Yay, John crowley! I was a bit surprised Ka wasn’t more popular/critically successful back in the day. I think it’s his best fantasy novel. Which makes it pretty good.

  2. Translating “Oakley” into “Duchesne”? Is the reference to a tree so important here to change a personal name? Or is translating names standard when translating into French?

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