2021 sf-Lit Award for Works Published in German Longlist

The sf-Lit Award 2021 longlist was announced September 23.

The award has been handed out by the German website sf-Lit.de (“Die Seite für Science-Fiction-Literatur”) since 2016 and is open to all works of SF that have been first published in German in the previous year, regardless of the author’s nationality or language.


  • Gabriele Behrend, Salzgras & Lavendel (p.machinery)
  • Laurent Binet, Eroberung, (“Civilizations” — Translation by Kristian Wachinger) (Rowohlt)
  • Blake Crouch, Gestohlene Erinnerung, (“Recursion” — Translation by Rainer Schmidt) (Goldmann)
  • Christoph Dittert, Fallender Stern, (Piper)
  • Ralph C. Doege, YUME. Träumen in Tokio (Septime)
  • Andreas Eschbach, Eines Menschen Flügel, (Lübbe)
  • Tom Hillenbrand, Qube (Hologrammatica 2), (KiWi)
  • Sameena Jehanzeb, Was Preema nicht weiß, (SP)
  • N.K. Jemisin, Brennender Fels (Die große Stille 2), (“The Obelisk Gate” — Translation by Susanne Gerold) (Knaur)
  • Alessandra Reß, Die Türme von Eden, (Lindwurm)
  • Samanta Schweblin, Hundert Augen, (“Kentukis” — Translation by Marianne Gareis) (Suhrkamp)
  • Ben Smith, Dahinter das offene Meer, (“Doggerland” — Translation by Werner Löcher-Lawrence) (Liebeskind)
  • Simon Stålenhag, Tales from the Loop, (“Tales from the Loop” — Translation by Stefan Pluschkat) (Fischer Tor)

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