2022 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis Winners

The Deutscher Science Fiction Preis 2022 winners were announced on June 25.

The juried award for the best short story and best novel published in the German language in the previous year is sponsored by the SFCD, Germany´s largest science-fiction club. Each winner will receive €1000.

The awards will be presented at SchlossCon 3 (August 19-21, 2022), this year’s annual convention of the Science Fiction Club Deutschland. 


  • “Utopie27” (“Utopia 27”) by Aiki Mira in Am Anfang war das Bild (In the beginning, there was the image), edited by Uli Bendick, Aiki Mira and Mario Franke


  • Stille zwischen den Sternen (Silence between the Stars) by Sven Haupt, Eridanus Verlag

The complete rankings of all finalists are available here.

 [Thanks to Cora Buhlert for translating these titles from German to English.]

1 thought on “2022 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis Winners

  1. It’s great that you are informing fandom all over the world about the German SF prizes. Thank you very much.
    A note on the text: The SFCD (Science Fiction Club Deutschland) is not the largest science fiction fan club in Germany, but the oldest (founded in 1955). The PERRY RHODAN FanZentrale (PRFZ), which is affiliated with the PERRY RHODAN dime novel series, has approximately1000 members, about three times as many as the SFCD.

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