2022 Dream Foundry Contest Finalists

Dream Foundry announced the 2022 finalists of its latest contest for speculative fiction writers and artists on November 11. 

The contest was open to relatively new writers and artists. The finalists for each category are:


  • Ry Rosenhirsch
  • Katlina Sommerberg
  • Angela Acosta
  • Nico Montoya
  • Davida Kilgore
  • Audrey Obuobisa-Darko
  • Sarah Ang
  • Laura Chilibeck
  • Takim WIlliams
  • Georgie Morvis


The finalists were chosen by Julia Rios and Dante Luiz for the writing and art contests respectively. The winners will be determined by writing contest judges L.D. Lewis and Sarah Gailey, and art contest judges Mateus Manhanini and Daniela Viçoso.

The contest winners will be announced in December.

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