2022 FAAn Award Voting Begins

Voting has opened for the 2022 Fanzine Activity Achievement (FAAn) awards and will continue through February 25.

To jog voters’ memories about the eligible publications, Nic Farey, FAAn Awards Administrator, has created The Incompleat Register 2021, available at efanzines.com. In it Farey reminds everyone, “A ‘fanzine’, for our purposes, is defined as an immutable artifact, once published not subject to revision or modification. The fanzine might not exist in a physical form. A PDF, for example, is an artifact.”

The award has seven categories:

  • GENZINE: A fanzine which typically has multiple contributors in addition to its editor(s).
  • PERZINE: A fanzine which typically has few, if any, contributors other than its editor(s).
  • SPECIAL PUBLICATION: A “one-shot” fanzine or collection.
  • FANWRITER: A writer who has work first appearing in a 2021 fanzine.
  • FANARTIST: An artist who has work first appearing in a 2021 fanzine.
  • LETTERHACK (HARRY WARNER, JR. MEMORIAL AWARD): Loccer whose responses have appeared in a 2021 fanzine.
  • COVER: Best fanzine cover of 2021.

Farey has dropped the Website category, which has only ever had two winners, Efanzines for the first eleven years of its existence, and by Fanac.org for the last three.

 Anybody with an interest in fanzines is encouraged to vote, no memberships or fees are required.

The winners will be announced at Corflu Pangloss in Vancouver, BC on March 20.

[Corflu Pangloss logo by Dan Steffan.]

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14 thoughts on “2022 FAAn Award Voting Begins

  1. Camestros – Nic Farey did all the listing, with input from several others. There are a lot of interesting-sounding one-shot publications for 2021, which may mean a lot of reading for me.

  2. Mike Glyer on January 2, 2022 at 12:08 pm said:

    Camestros Felapton: I didn’t know The Debarkle is immutable! Congratulations!

    It drifts asymptotically towards immutability like a cooling gas giant

  3. Immutable! You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  4. im·mu·ta·ble

    adjective: immutable

    unchanging over time or unable to be changed.
    "an immutable fact"

    (per Oxford Languages)

  5. Nic and I had extensive discussions on this topic some years ago, and “immutable” was the closest we could get to defining that anything voted for a FAAn award as a “fanzine” must be something that, if virtual, could exist completely interchangeably with a printed version. The several thousand PDF issues at eFanzines are examples of this.

    From there, it naturally follows that a “fanwriter” is anyone published in a fanzine, and similarly “fanartist”.

    By these definitions we reverse the present perversion of the Fan Hugos.

    How seriously to take this is up to the reader of this comment, but it is how Nic will be administering the FAAn awards this year.

  6. Bill Burns: The “present perversion” eh? You’ll have to refresh my memory about what the last Hugo winning fanzine that fanzine fans approved was. I knew we all liked Energumen, though.

  7. Camestros Felapton: It drifts asymptotically towards immutability like a cooling gas giant

    I guess we’re not supposed to kid about this word, the authorities are upset! No jocularity, please, we’re fanzine fans…

  8. I think I’d be less exasperated over the Hugo fan category bitterness if it wasn’t so wholly, comprehensively and predictably self-sabotaging. If you want people to so much as look at Your Stuff to see that it’s good, starting out by insulting Their Stuff is a very bad opening, middle, or any other time gambit. And if you don’t want people to like Your Stuff, which would certainly be the best explanation for the off-putting way many decide to behave… then you can hardly complain if they don’t then nominate it.

    That, and it’s just awfully rude about other fans doing their thing. Snobbish.

  9. @Nic Farey: Physical documents change over time. Staples rust, ink fades, paper decays. Paper documents can be altered. Edits can be made to texts between print runs. PDFs can be modified or replaced.

    If we look at File 770’s Best Feature Articles of 2021, in theory, they could be modified, but in practice they haven’t been. The difference between the immutability or permanence of PDFs and blog posts is a matter of degree, not of kind, and it is not a huge difference.

    Camestros Felapton’s Debarkle blog posts are still up. I don’t think he suddenly became a fan writer only at the moment that he copied the blog posts to a PDF.

    Personally, I really appreciate good layout. I’m going to rate a PDF with good layout higher than a blog with the same content and blah layout. But that doesn’t mean the blog isn’t a fanzine. It just means I’m less likely to vote for a blog as “best” fanzine.

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