2023 Aurora Award Ballot Released

The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) today announced the ballot for the 2023 Aurora Awards for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror composed of eligible works done by Canadians in 2022. 

The finalists were nominated by CSFFA members, with the top five nominated works appearing on the ballot; additional works were included where there was a tie for fifth place.

An online awards ceremony will be held on August 19, 2023, at 5:00 Eastern with hosts Mark Leslie Lefebvre and Liz Anderson. Details at www.csffa.ca


  • All the Seas of the World, Guy Gavriel Kay, Penguin Canada
  • The Daughter of Doctor Moreau, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Del Rey
  • The Embroidered Book, Kate Heartfield, HarperVoyager
  • Sea of Tranquility, Emily St. John Mandel, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
  • The Void Ascendant, Premee Mohamed, Solaris Books


  • Black Hole Radio – Ka’Azula, Ann Birdgenaw, DartFrog Books
  • Ghostlight, Kenneth Oppel, Puffin Canada
  • The Hollow Boys: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 1, Douglas Smith, Spiral Path Books
  • Night of the Raven, Dawn of the Dove, Rati Mehrotra, Wednesday Books
  • Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor, Xiran Jay Zhao, Margaret K. McElderry Books


  • Even Though I Knew the End, C.L. Polk, Tordotcom
  • High Times in the Low Parliament, Kelly Robson, TordotCom
  • The Jade Setter of Janloon, Fonda Lee, Subterranean Press
  • “A Sky and a Heaven”, Eric Choi, Just Like Being There, Springer Nature
  • The Tiger Came to the Mountains, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Amazon Original Stories


  • “Big Trouble in Droidtown”, Hayden Trenholm, The Astronaut Always Rings Twice, Tyche Books
  • “Broken Vow: The Adventures of Flick Gibson, Intergalactic Videographer”, Peter G. Reynolds, On Spec Magazine, Issue 120
  • “Douen”, Suzan Palumbo, The Dark, Issue 82
  • “The Five Rules of Supernova Surfing, or A For Real Solution to the Fermi Paradox, Bro”, Geoffrey W. Cole, Clarkesworld, Issue 184
  • “Green Witch”, Elizabeth Whitton, Prairie Witch, Prairie Soul Press
  • “A New Brave World”, Eric Choi, Brave New Worlds, Zombies Need Brains
  • “Schrödinger’s Cats”, Wayne Cusack, Polar Borealis Magazine, Issue #22
  • “We Are the Thing That Lives on the Moon”, Gillian Secord, Fireside Magazine, Issue 101, March


  • Birds of Maine, Michael deForge, Drawn and Quarterly
  • Cupcake War Machine, Marika Kapogeorgakis, webcomic
  • Goblins, Ellipsis Hana Stephens, webcomic
  • It Never Rains, Kari Maaren, webcomic
  • Mistress of the Winds, Michèle Laframboise, Echofictions
  • Questionable Content, Jeph Jacques, webcomic
  • Wychwood, Ally Rom Colthoff, webcomic


  • “After the Apocalypse”, Colleen Anderson, NewMyths, Vol 16, issue 61
  • “Ghost Stories”, James Grotkowski, Polar Starlight Magazine, Issue 6
  • “In Stock Images of the Future, Everything is White”, Terese Mason Pierre, Uncanny Magazine, Issue Forty-Six
  • “Poltergeist”, Rhonda Parrish, Star*Line, Vol 45, Issue 2
  • “Rapunzel in the Desert”, Melissa Yuan-Innes, On Spec Magazine, Issue 122
  • “a sinkhole invites a street to consider its future”, Dominik Parisien, Uncanny Magazine, Issue Forty-Four
  • “Three Herons”, Geoffrey W. Cole, Polar Starlight Magazine, Issue 5
  • “The Wolf of Your Passions”, Lynne Sargent, Augur Magazine, Issue 5.2


  • The Astronaut Always Rings Twice, edited by Shannon Allen and JR Campbell, Tyche Books
  • Nothing Without Us Too, edited by Cait Gordon and Talia C. Johnson, Renaissance
  • On Spec Magazine, Issues 119, 120, and 121, managing editor Diane Walton, The Copper Pig Writers’ Society
  • Prairie Witch, edited by Stacey Kondla, Prairie Soul Press
  • Strange Wars: Speculative Fiction of Coalitions in Conflict, edited by Don Miasek, TDotSpec


  • Arboreality, cover art, Rachel Yu Lobbenberg, Stelliform Press
  • The Astronaut Always Rings Twice, cover art, Kayla Kowalyk, Tyche Books
  • Birthday of the Unicorn, cover art, Marco Marin, TdotSpec
  • Weird Fishes, cover art, Julia Louise Pereira, Stelliform Press
  • The World We Left Behind, Swati Chavda, On Spec Magazine, Issue 119


  • JenEric Movie Reviews, Éric Desmarais, JenEric Designs
  • Polar Borealis Magazine, Issues: 21, 22, and 23, edited by R. Graeme Cameron
  • Polar Starlight Magazine, Issues: 5, 6, and 7, edited by Rhea E. Rose 
  • The Travelling TARDIS, Jennifer Desmarais, JenEric Designs
  • Young People Read Old SFF, edited by James Davis Nicoll, online


  • Augurcon, Terese Mason Pierre and Kerry C. Byrne, co-directors, Toria Liao, operations director, online
  • Can*Con, Marie Bilodeau and Derek Künsken, co-chairs, Ottawa
  • ephemera Reading Series, KT Bryski and Jen R. Albert, co-chairs, online
  • When Words Collide, Randy McCharles, chair, online
  • The Worldshapers Podcast, Edward Willett, online

[Thanks to Clifford Samuels for the story.]

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