2023 Diana Jones Award

The 2023 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming was presented at the annual Diana Jones Award ceremony in Indianapolis on August 2, the unofficial start of the Gen Con Indy convention.

The winner is Coyote & Crow, a roleplaying game by Connor Alexander.

The award is given to the person, product, company, event or any other thing that has, in the opinion of the Diana Jones committee, best demonstrated the quality of ‘excellence’ in the world of tabletop gaming in the previous year.

Coyote & Crow’s finalist citation explains why the game was up for the award:


A roleplaying game by Connor Alexander
Published by Coyote & Crow

Coyote & Crow is an RPG created by Cherokee designer Connor Alexander. In the game Alexander shrewdly imagines an alternate universe that exists outside of the horrors of colonialism. The game foregrounds the traditions and cultures of Native American people in its world, encouraging players to imagine stories that challenge the Western canon of storytelling that is today ubiquitous in RPGs. Coyote and Crow challenges us to tell different stories with the games we play and encourages us to imagine worlds beyond that which we know. It is a new high-water mark for storytelling in role-playing games and a triumph of imagination in world building.

Learn more on the Coyote & Crow website

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