2023 Prix Rosny Aîné Shortlist

The shortlist for the Prix Rosny Aîné 2023 for French science fiction has been announced by Bruno Para, awards secretary. There are two categories, novels and short stories. The winners, as decided by a vote of the members, will be revealed at the French national SF convention, which will be held at Wallers-Arenberg from August 17-20.


  • Guillaume CHAMANADJIAN, Trois lucioles
  • Claire DUVIVIER, Mort aux geais !
  • Laurent GENEFORT, Les Temps ultramodernes
  • Marguerite IMBERT, Les Flibustiers de la mer chimique
  • Émilie QUERBALEC, Les Chants de Nüying
  • Karine RENNBERG, Meute


  • Claire DUVIVIER, Histoire de la ville d’Aurée
  • Laurent GENEFORT, Opexx
  • Saul PANDELAKIS, Cargo
  • Audrey PLEYNET, Encore cinq ans
  • Ketty STEWARD, Blanche-Neige et le triangle quelconque

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