2023 Roswell Award Finalists

The 2023 finalists for the Roswell Award, and the winner of the New Suns Climate Fiction Award, have been announced.

Both are international short science fiction story competitions for writers age 17 and older. The Roswell Award seeks stories that explore and connect themes such as social justice, feminism, identity, inequity, environmental sustainability, ethics, and technology. The New Suns Climate Fiction Award is for original short science fiction that reimagines new ways of living and depicts humanity exploring and overcoming today’s climate and biodiversity crises.

The top-ranking entries and the award winners will be announced during a virtual ceremony on May 21. Register to watch it free here. (Note: The year shown in the plaques below is a typo, and should be 2023.)

The Roswell Award – Finalists

“The Ripples Read Outward” by Karin Hullati (Michigan, USA)
“First Plantings” by Elizabeth King (Utah, USA)
“Philanthropy” by Cecilia Evans (Thailand)
“Breathing for Two” by Rich Larson (Canada)
“You’re Hired” by Lexus Ndiwe (United Kingdom)
“Plastic Dragon” by Lucy Zhang (California, USA)

New Suns Climate Fiction Award – Winner

“Desert Rain” by Natalie Click (Arizona, USA) 

The Roswell Award – Honorable Mentions

“The Fading Colour of Tea Leaves” by Mof Afdhall (Sri Lanka)
“The Last Violin” by Sam Bohlken-Hern (Canada)
“Curved” by David Krasky (Florida, USA)
“Jane” by Lee Nash (France)
“Northbound Highway 101: Slow Traffic” by Lis Chi Siegel (Nevada, USA)

New Suns Climate Fiction Award – Honorable Mentions

“Survivor: Ecosystem” by Liz Hufford (Arizona, USA)
“Less Like a Robot” by Aishwarya Kharkhanis (India)
“The Flow of Water” by Mersades Lodge (Montana, USA)
“Seasons of Sugar and Blue” by Nadine Tabing (Washington, USA)
“Paint by Numbers” by Neille Williams (Australia)

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