2024 Imadjinn Awards Finalists

The Imaginarium Convention released the 2024 Imadjinn Awards finalists on March 26.

The winners selected by the jury will be announced during an awards ceremony on July 20 at the Imaginarium 2023 Convention in Louisville, KY.

The 2024 Imadjinn Award Finalists in each category are:

Best Anthology

  • Blood, Sweat, and Steel: Tales of Future Combat and Mechanized Warfare, Editor – Mark Greene
  • Chicks in Tank Tops, Editor – Jason Cordova
  • Standing Against All Odds, Editor – William Alan Webb
  • Fantastic Schools Staff (Volume 7), Editor – L Jagi Lamplighter

Best Short Story Collection

  • The End, Kayleigh Dobbs
  • The Unfortunate Problem with Grandmother’s Head and Other Stories, Karen Haber
  • The LawDog Files: Revised and Expanded, Ian McMurtrie

Best Short Story

  • “Some Hidden Soul”, Dave Creek
  • “Duck Me”, Melissa Olthoff
  • “The Ballad of Esmerelda Calhoun”, David Badurina
  • “Primordial Soup”, S.A. Bradley
  • “Don’t Kill the Cook”, J.F. Posthumus

Best Audiobook Narration

  • Privateers & Pandemonium, Narrated by Daniel Wisniewski / Written by Nick Steverson and Melissa Olthoff
  • The Grey Man – Twilight, Narrated by Marcus Barton / Written by J.L. Curtis
  • The Rise of Zhengyi, Narrated by E.G. Rowley/ Written by E.G. Rowley

Best Children’s Book

  • Abyss of Nightmares, Donald R Guillory & Arya C. Guillory
  • The Eerie Brothers and The Witches of Autumn, Sheldon Higdon
  • Awaken, Malinda Andrews

Best Young Adult Novel

  • Trumpus, James Sabata
  • I See You, Frantiska Oliver
  • The Book of Rose, K B Carlisle

Best Faith-Based Novel

  • Heavenly Places: Coram Deo, John Kowalski
  • Wingless, David M. James
  • For the Love of Rhett, Maribelle McCrea

Best Fantasy Novel

  • Dagger of Orion, J.L. Lawrence
  • Touch of Faete, Ligia de Wit
  • Heart Master, Nikolas Everhart
  • Nexus, Jeff Dunne
  • Reckoning Day, Steven L. Shrewsbury

Best Game Module / Rule Book

  • Bloody Appalachia, Josh Palmer, Eric Bloat, and Justin Isaac
  • The Dead West, Josh Palmer and Eric Bloat

Best Historical Fiction Novel

  • Secrets of Mary Celeste, Steve Dahill
  • Legacy of the Valiant, Edale Lane
  • Wavesong, Michael Gants

Best Horror Novel

  • A Fury, Eva Vertrice
  • Shock Waves, Matt Kurtz
  • Polyphemus, Zachary Ashford

Best Literary Fiction Novel

  • Jewels in the Rough: Tales from the Jewelers Workbench, James Pomeroy
  • Pan and the Message Chair, Lawrence Weill

Best Mystery Novel

  • OVERKILL: A Folly Beach Halloween Mystery, Bill Noel and Angelica Cruz
  • Edisto Bullet, C. Hope Clark
  • Homecoming in Murder, Edale Lane

Best Non-Fiction Book   

  • From Boardroom to Backpack: Risking It All, Rob Sangster
  • 28 Years Haunted: The Life and Adventures of World-Renowned Psychic Medium Brandy Marie Miller, Bryan “B.D.” Prince
  • Righting Writing, Michael Bailey

Best Paranormal Romance Novel

  • Embers, Kat Turner
  • Sons of Ymre: Jake, Lilith Saintcrow
  • Shadow & Ash, Crymsyn Hart

Best Poetry Collection (single author)

  • In Memory of Exoskeletons, Rebecca Cuthbert
  • Domesticated Demons, Amba Elieff
  • Weight of Thought, Noah Wieczorek

Best Romance Novel

  • Fall: A Year of Change: A Silver Leaf University Novel, Lisette Blythe
  • Harvest Moon: A Raven and the Crow Romance, Michael K Falciani
  • Tall, Dark, And Cherokee, Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Best Science Fiction Novel  

  • Prince Liberator, Fred Hughes
  • Theft of Fire: Orbital Space #1, Devon Eriksen
  • Standing Among The Tombstones, William Alan Webb
  • Dust of the Ocean, Dorothy Grant

Best Song Lyrics

  • Lost and Found, Jayson William Allen
  • Villanelle, Veronica Torraca Bragdon
  • As the Sky Cries, Jayson William Allen

Best Steampunk Novel  

  • The King’s Regret, Philip Ligon

Best Thriller Novel

  • Checkout Time, John Bukowski
  • Battlefield Missouri, Arnold P. Montgomery
  • The Phantom of the Circus, Michael Houtchen

Best Urban Fantasy Novel 

  • Jason Phoenix and the Demon Lamp, Kyle Adam Willis
  • Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever, Larry Correia & Jason Cordova
  • Hunting the Hart, Jon R. Osborne
  • Delevan House, Ruthann Jagge & Natasha Sinclair

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