43rd Japan SF Grand Prize

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan (SFWJ) announced the 43rd Japan SF Grand Prize winners on February 19:  

  • “SF suru Shiko: Yoshio Aramaki Hyoryoshu” [Critique of Speculative Reason: Collected Essays on Science Fiction, written by Yoshio Aramaki] (Japanese title: (SFする思考 荒巻義雄評論集成)  by Yoshio Aramaki (荒巻義雄)  (Takanashi Shobou)
  • “Zangetsuki” [Morning Moon] (Japanese title: 残月記) by Masakuni Oda (Futabasha).

The other finalists were:

  • Anomalous Papers (異常論文) edited by Kyosuke Higuchi (樋口恭介). An anthology published by Hayakawa Shobo in October 2021.
  • THE MAP AND THE FIST (地図と拳), written by Ogawa Satoshi (小川哲). A novel published by Shuei-sha in June 2022.
  • Kaiju Within (わたしたちの怪獣) written by Mikihiko Hisanaga (久永実木彦). A novelette contributed for Shimi no Techo vol. 6 in August 2022.

Publisher Futushaba describes the story of “Zangetsuki”/(Morning Moon ) in a press release:

Japan, in the near future, falls under a notorious dictatorship. This book contains the title story that depicts the fate of a man infected by selenomania, an infectious disease that is turning the world upside down, and the unwavering love of a woman living quietly by his side, as well as two other works. The stories take place in a fictional world created by the author’s immeasurable imagination based on the motif of the moon. One step into the world and you will be trapped in a whirlpool of imaginations—never returning to reality. Check out this long-awaited, new breakthrough!

The members of the prize selection committee were Masahiko Inoue, Gin Kusakami, Mari Kotani, Yūki Shansendō, and Toruya Tachihara. The eligibility period for the prize ran from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022.

Also, SFWJ honored three persons with the 43rd Japan SF Grand Prize Contribution Award: the late Mr. Tsukasa Shikano (science writer), the late Mr. Yasumi Tsuhara (novelist), and the late Masayoshi Yasugi (novelist). They contributed to the Japanese SF scene for many years by writing various works in their careers.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan (Japanese official name: 日本SF作家クラブ, Nihon SF Sakka Club) is an organization of science fiction and fantasy-related people, professional or semi-professional.

[Based on a press release. Additional translation by N.]

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One thought on “43rd Japan SF Grand Prize

  1. Per Google Translate, the translated title of the first listed work above is not the semi-comprehensible alleged English given in the list, but instead:
    Thinking in SF Yoshio Aramaki Criticism Collection

    That not only makes more sense, but explains what the SF is doing in the Japanese.

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