Abrams to Direct Next Star Wars Movie

J. J. Abrams will direct the first post-Lucas Star Wars movie, Episode VII, reports Geeks of Doom (and every other sf blog, now including mine…)

What studio doesn’t want Abrams’ golden touch for its franchise after all he’s done for Star Trek and Mission: Impossible?

What’s more, he has great history with Disney, Star Wars’ new owner and owner of ABC which aired Abrams’ series Alias and Lost.

Looking into the far future, I wonder if Abrams will someday team with another super-multiple-franchise director like Spielberg and Lucas teamed to make Indiana Jones? What would we get if Abrams and Peter Jackson ever joined forces?

2 thoughts on “Abrams to Direct Next Star Wars Movie

  1. It’ll get him the hell away from Star Trek, so that’s good news. Abbrams may be golden, but the colour I associate with him is red … as in a red stick of dynamite. Props go boom! Whee!

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