Ackerman Memorial Premiere
of Boneyard Collection

Irena Belle Films will hold its “Forrest J Ackerman Memorial World Premiere” of The Boneyard Collection on March 10.

Ackerman plays the film’s host, Dr Acula. In the words of LJ Dopp, “His last line, sitting in his throne in the marble crypt (in Lugosi’s cape, white collar and bowtie), is delivered elegantly.  He says, ‘Auf Weidersehen!’ and waves goodbye to the camera.”

Here is a link to the The Boneyard Collection trailer, and to the movie poster.

The full announcement is after the jump.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

Update 1/23/2009: Corrected misspellings. I hope.

Irena Belle Films is proud to announce…

“The Forrest J Ackerman Memorial World Premiere” of
The Boneyard Collection on Tuesday, March 10th, 7:30 pm, at
The Fine Arts Theater, 8556 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Tickets: $10

Includes free parking under the Flynt Communications Bldg. on the southeast corner of (8484) Wilshire and La Cienega.

Parking directions:
Go south on La Cienega from Wilshire and turn left onto concrete ramp that goes under the oval-shaped Flynt Bldg.  Proceed around and down — enter gates beneath MONTHLY PARKING sign. 
The Fine Arts Theater is one blk. west of La Cienega on the south side of Wilshire Blvd.

We have to fill at least 200 seats or buy the unsold ones, and we’re not making any money on this.  We have to pay for comps — even for Oscar-nominated actors and the press — still, it’s a good deal, and a great old art deco theater in which to screen our movie. 

You may have heard, Forrest J Ackerman — who plays our host, Dr. Acula — passed away at 92 in December, but the worldwide AP obit mentioned The Boneyard Collection as one of Forry’s last movie appearances.

There’s an official memorial for him at The Egyptian Theater, Sunday, March 8th — so we booked our screening two days later, hoping to attract some out-of-town attendees from that event. We have a new Digi-Beta print, and, will also have a short Q&A panel afterwards, in lieu of a reception elsewhere.

LJ. Dopp

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of Boneyard Collection

  1. That was a pathetic performance even by the standard of my copyediting… The only place it was spelled correctly was in the announcement itself, so there’s no one else to blame but me! But I’m reminded of this bit of trivia: Did you know that in the journal of the Lewis and Clark expedition, mosquito was spelled three different ways, never once correctly?

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