Ah, Suite Klingon!

Conversational Klingon

Get ready to increase the power of your warrior vocabulary with the Star Trek Klingon Language Suite, Simon & Schuster’s latest addition to the Apple App Store, comprising The Klingon Dictionary (Pocket Books), Conversational Klingon (S&S Audio), and the new Klingon Phrasebook (S&S Audio/Digital). (The items are also sold individually.)

The Klingon Dictionary has more than 1,000 entries, which have been “Battle-tested by the honorable warriors of the Klingon Language Institute.”

Conversational Klingon introduces students to the nuances of Klingon culture. It’s narrated by Worf himself, the actor Michael Dorn. My own career in voice-overs failed to launch precisely because I always sounded like Worf, but once enough people start learning Klingon that could change from a bug into a feature, as software writers say.

There’s also a Klingon Phrase Book with 50 phrases most needed by Terrans visiting Klingon space or Klingon wannabes just off the bus in Hollywood.

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