Amazing Stories Has A New Editor-In-Chief

Lloyd Penney

Amazing Stories publisher Kermit Woodall has announced Lloyd Penney of Toronto, Ontario, Canada is the publication’s new Editior-in-Chief. Penney succeeds fellow Canadian Ira Nayman in this position and Steve Davidson who operated as temporary editor.

Penney has been in science fiction fandom for 45 years and has enjoyed 30-year careers in both fanzine writing and convention management. He is also an associate member of First Fandom. He’ll be working on the website, magazine, and their line of books.

Penney says, “I have been a proofreader and editor for most of my working life, with magazines, catalogs, and much more, but over the past four years, I have not only been the copy editor for Amazing Stories and Amazing Selects, but I have also worked with Scot Noel at Dreamforge Magazine, independent authors who need some fresh eyes for their novels, and also with a communications company in the east end of Toronto, working to edit their one paper magazine, and their two e-magazines.

“The editor-in-chief of Amazing Stories…this is a position I never would have dreamed of having, but now that I have it, I suspect the learning curve will be steep. Still, the best way to handle this curve is to start climbing it and see what is needed to tackle it. I will be reading as much as I can, relying on readers to look at the flood of submissions and choose what’s the best of that submitted, and also to make a few judgments on what will go on the website. I am sure I will make mistakes, and forget some vital things, but I am willing to learn. I hope to help produce a magazine that all readers of SF&F will enjoy and appreciate, and maybe make a little history along the way.”

[Based on a press release.]

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Stories Has A New Editor-In-Chief

  1. It is now nearly three weeks since my appointment, and yes, the curve is steep, but I think I am starting to get it, and it is some fun. I am sure it’ll be more fun as time goes on. I think we have to start promoting the magazine here and there, and while I might not have the cash on hand, I have to start looking at two events coming up, the 2023 NASFiC in Winnipeg, and the 2024 NASFiC in Buffalo.

    Work continues apace on the Sol System special issue, and we still have great hopes for our Kickstarter.

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