Andrew Porter: Mike Glicksohn Photo Gallery

toronto corflu

Mike Glicksohn, right, at the Toronto Corflu.

Glicksohn Wood Toronto 1970
Mike Glicksohn and Susan Wood in Toronto (1970)
Glicksohn typing Nerg

Mike Glicksohn typing stencils for Energumen.

95 Worldcon

(Tentative ID) 1987 Worldcon. L-to-R: Ken Bulmer, Ethel Lindsay, ?, George “Lan” Laskowski, Pat Virzi, Mike Glicksohn.

Lieberman Glicksohn at Conadian

Paula Lieberman and Mike Glicksohn chat at Conadian in 1994.

Glicksohn 1981 Susan Wood Best Fan Writer

Mike Glicksohn accepts Susan Wood's 1981 Best Fan Writer Hugo, which she won posthumously.

Update 03/26/2011: Tagged the man on the left of the 1987 Worldcon photo as Ken Bulmer, based on suggestions by Joseph Nicholas and Mark Plummer. 

5 thoughts on “Andrew Porter: Mike Glicksohn Photo Gallery

  1. In the black-and-white photograph of the 1995 Worldcon, the first person identified L-R is definitely not Vincent Clarke. I’m not quite sure who it is — Rob Hansen would know for certain — but it looks very much like Ken Bulmer.

  2. I agree with Irwin that it’s 1987 rather than 1995 (I recognise the badge design). I also think Joseph is right about it being Ken Bulmer.

  3. Lady on the other side of Ethel Lindsay from Ken Bulmer looks a bit like Ella Parker.

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