Another Fan Artist Disqualified from Hugo Ballot

Mansik Yang is the second Best Fan Artist Hugo finalist this year to tell the Worldcon 75 award administrators he did not publish any non-commercial work in 2016. As a result the artist has been removed from the ballot and replaced by Elizabeth Leggett.

Worldcon 75, in a statement on Facebook, commented: “We appreciate his bringing the matter to our attention, and regret that we were not able to clarify the situation sooner.”

Paper Hugo ballots, which were about to be dispatched, are now being reprinted and the online Hugo ballot is being updated. Voters who have already expressed preference votes for Mansik Yang will be individually informed of the change to the final ballot.

This change is in addition to the replacement of Alex Garner by Steve Stiles, announced last month. Both Yang and Garner were names on Vox Day’s Rabid Puppy slate. (The Measuring the Rabid Puppies Effect on the 2017 Hugo Ballot post has been updated accordingly.)

The revised final ballot for Best Fan Artist is therefore Ninni Aalto, Elizabeth Leggett, Vesa Lehtimäki, Likhain (M. Sereno), Spring Schoenhuth, and Steve Stiles.

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16 thoughts on “Another Fan Artist Disqualified from Hugo Ballot

  1. Congratulations to Elizabeth Leggett.

    (I expect Vox Day will find some way to turn this latest news into a victory. A way that will convince nobody but his true believers.)

  2. @Soon Lee

    Who could have guessed that his end game was “cause the admins mild inconvenience”?

  3. I am slightly baffled that Yang didn’t tell the Hugo admins earlier. But I also know that sometimes, time does indeed run away, in a most displeasing manner.

  4. Ingvar: I am slightly baffled that Yang didn’t tell the Hugo admins earlier.

    Yang’s a Korean artist (as in, he lives in Korea) and I don’t think he has anything to do with the Puppies, they just put him on their slate. So if he’s not familiar with the Hugos and doesn’t understand English well, he might not have understood well enough from the Hugo Admin’s notification message to tell them he wasn’t eligible in the category.

    It’s a bit sad, really, for the artists involved. In the Pro Artist category, the Puppies nominated a fabulous Polish professional sculptor whose 3D work does not qualify according to the current rules, and an artist who had no professionally-published work last year, but who would have been eligible for Fan Artist. In the Fan Artist category, they nominated two Pro Artists who would have been qualified in that category, but had no informal, unpaid artwork (at least none that they were willing to submit) and thus were not qualified for the Fan Artist category.

    None of which is surprising, coming from a slate created by an editor who puts two Chapter 5s in a book. 😐

  5. I had put Leggett on my ballot for professional. Shows how bad I am at putting these in the right category, but yay she’s a finalist.

  6. Obligatory grumble that Castalia House blog is not a fanzine, followed by repetitive comments to amplify position in response to contrary opinions.

  7. You think CH is professional enough to count their blog as a prozine?
    History does not support…

  8. Laura: The @$!^ link didn’t actually copy even though it looks like it’s live. I have fixed that now.

  9. Whew. My computer has really been acting up lately, and I was afraid it was another symptom of something awful happening. I’m just relieved it was on your side.

    Thanks for fixing it!

    Just finished downloading the packet and I’m going to have my work cut out for me in reading all these before the deadline. Wow, this one is jam-packed.

  10. KVM: I think Leggett has both pro and fan work out there, so you’re not wrong.

    Note that Alex Garner and Mansik Yang are not disqualified because they have professional work, ONLY because they LACK fan work.

  11. Now I’m caught up on today’s Hugo news. I hope!

    @Lenora Rose: Indeed – thanks for clarifying!

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