Apex Magazine #83 Released


Apex Magazine issue 83 offers two pieces of original short fiction: “The Laura Ingalls Experience” by Andrew Gray and “The Teratologist’s Brother” by Brandon H. Bell. The poetry selections are by John Yu Branscum, Michael VanCalbergh, Jeremy Paden, and Craig Finlay.

Andrea Johnson interviews Andrew Gray about writing “The Laura Ingalls Experience,” as well as its themes, and they also talk about his work as a program coordinator at a Canadian university.

Russell Dickerson sits down with cover artist Sarah Zar to discuss art and “Hurricane Woman” her cover on this month’s issue.

The issue’s two reprints are Catherynne M. Valente’s “The Quidnunx” and “Collecting James” by Geoffrey Girard.

The entire issue will be released over the month on the Apex Magazine website, or can be purchased for only $2.99 as a nicely formatted eBook. Subscriptions are also available direct from Apex, Weightless Books, and Amazon.



  • The Laura Ingalls Experience by Andrew Neil Gray (Short Story, April 11th)
  • Interview with Andrew Neil Gray by Andrea Johnson (April 13th)
  • Collecting James by Geoffrey Girard (Short Fiction, April 15th)


  • The Farmer’s Milk by John Yu Branscum (Poetry, April 18th)
  • The Quidnunx by Catherynne M. Valente (Novelette, April 20th)
  • Myth of the Mud God by Michael VanCalbergh (Poetry, April 22nd)


  • Song of the Encantado by Jeremy Paden (Poetry, April 26th)
  • Interview with Sarah Zar, Cover Artist by Russell Dickerson (April 28th)

Podcast Fiction Download Podcast #34 (“The Teratologist’s Brother” by Brandon H. Bell)

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