Apex Magazine #85 Released

ApexMag85 COMP

Apex Magazine Issue 85 is filled with unsettling fiction and an excerpt from Apex Publications’ next release The Kraken Sea.

The original fiction is by Mary Pletsch (“Folk Hero”) and Douglas F. Warrick (“Cuckoo Girls”). There is a reprint from Aliette de Bodard (“Memorials”).

The poetry is by Tina Parker, Tina Jens, and Cullen Groves.

The nonfiction entries are interviews of Andrea Johnson by Mary Pletsch, and cover artist Joe Badon by Russell Dickerson.

And in a special feature, Betsy Phillips delves into the mysteries of the Black Tapes and Tanis podcasts!

The entire issue will be released over the month on the Apex Magazine website – see the release dates below — or can be purchased for only $2.99 as a nicely formatted eBook. Subscriptions are also available direct from Apex, Weightless Books, and Amazon.

The linked items are available immediately.



  • Cuckoo Girls by Douglas F. Warrick (Short Story, June 13th)
  • SEEKING TANIS. Runner Available. by Betsy Phillips (Feature, June 15th)
  • Ghost Plague by Tina Jens (Poetry, June 17th)


  • Memorials by Aliette de Bodard (Novelette, June 20th)
  • Interview with Cover Artist Joe Badon by Russell Dickerson (June 22nd)
  • By Payette Lake by Cullen Groves (Poetry, June 24th)


  • The Kraken Sea by E. Catherine Tobler (Novel Excerpt, June 28th)

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