Asimov’s 36th Annual Readers’ Awards Winners

The winners of the Asimov’s 36th Annual Readers’ Awards Poll were named earlier this month by editor Sheila Williams.


  1. A blessing of Unicorns; Elizabeth Bear
  2. A Rocket for Dimitrios; Ray Nayler
  3. Glitch; Alex Irvine
  4. Light Up the Clouds; Greg Egan
  5. The Realms of Water; Robert Reed


  1. Table Etiquette for Diplomatic Personnel, in Seventeen Scenes; Suzanne Palmer
  2. Año Nuevo; Ray Nayler
  3. Billie the Kid; Rick Wilber
  4. Philly Killed His Car; Will McIntosh
  5. The Hazmat Sisters; L.X. Beckett


  1. MUALLIM; Ray Nayler
  2. My Heart Is at Capacity; T.J. Berry
  3. Alien Ball; Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  4. Flowers Like Needles; Derek Künsken
  5. (tie) Bread and Circuits; Misha Lenau
  6. (tie) Sentient Being Blues; Christopher Mark Rose          


  1. Mars Rover, Curiosity; Jane Yolen
  2. When I’m Thirty I Receive a Box Full of Your Steel Bones; Avra Margariti
  3. In the Library Annex; Bruce Boston
  4. Your Memories Are Sponsored by a Fossil Fuel Company; Matt Thompson
  5. Chalk and Carbon; Marissa Lingen


  1.  January/February; Donato Giancola
  2. September/October; Eldar Zakirov
  3. November/December; Maurizio Manzieri
January/February 2021
Donato Giancola

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