ATom Art Tile on eBay

ATom TileAn iconic example of Arthur “ATom” Thomson’s fan art on a “new decorative wall tile” is up for auction on eBay, with the proceeds going to the Down Under Fan Fund. 

The tile is 4-1/4 inches a side, 1/4 inch thick. I believe “new” indicates the tile was made by someone besides ATom, using his art.

ATom was a British fanartist whose work is identified with the classic fanzine Hyphen and was sought by faneds everywhere. He won the TransAtlantic Fan Fund in 1964 and his visit to U.S. is chronicled in ATom Abroad. He was a five-time Hugo nominee and received the Rotsler Award, posthumously, in 2000.

The tile is a donation from Edd Vick and Amy Thomson.

[Thanks to Murray Moore for the story.]

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