Authors Guild’s Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine

How can writers’ organizations respond to the Russian invasion of Ukraine? The Authors Guild has set this example:

“Authors Guild Expresses Solidarity with Ukraine” (March 1)

The Authors Guild, the U.S.’s leading and oldest nonprofit advocacy organization for published writers and journalists, condemns Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. We express our support for Ukrainian authors and journalists and all the Ukrainian people fighting bravely against their Russian aggressors to retain the right for Ukraine to be a free and democratic nation.

As a steering committee member of the International Authors Forum, we stand by this IAF “Statement of solidarity with Ukraine and its creator community” [dated February 28.]

We, representing the international author community, extend our solidarity and support for those in Ukraine during this illegal invasion by Russia. We are concerned for the safety of the Ukrainian people, their culture and freedoms, and the safety of our creative colleagues.
Ukraine’s rich cultural heritage has produced many great works of literature and art. It is vital this tradition is protected for the people of Ukraine today and for future generations.

We urge political leaders and the international community to work to restore peace and security for the people of Ukraine. The international community must ensure safety, democracy and creative freedoms in the nation of Ukraine to ensure its future as an independent nation, and the preservation of the freedoms the international author community champions.

The international author community will work with colleagues around the world to offer whatever support and solidarity we can for those in Ukraine.

The Science Fiction Writers of America is an IAF member.  Where do they stand with respect to this IAF statement?

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2 thoughts on “Authors Guild’s Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine

  1. The Science Fiction Writers of America is an IAF member. Where do they stand with respect to this IAF statement?

    I’ve been very disappointed by SFWA’s stance in this, particularly what seems to me the gutless decision to say nothing on the website even by way of explanation.

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