Award Winners Subway Map

By Aidan Doyle: I’ve always loved maps and there are some fun versions of subway maps, such as Internet traffic redesigned as the Tokyo Subway Map. I used to make a subway map of novels which have recently won some of the major SF/F awards. I was curious to see how often the winning books overlapped. The Hugo and Nebula awards are much closer than the other awards. It’s easier to see the books, such as Ancillary Justice and The City and the City, which dominate the awards. The World Fantasy Award is also more likely to result in a tie.

[Click for slightly larger image.]

9 thoughts on “Award Winners Subway Map

  1. If only you could see me.I have the magnifying glass trying to read the names even though I have enlarged the map.Nearly as much fun as last night’s video chat.I am curious how you chose the names.

  2. Passengers on the Hugo Awards line, stopping at The City and the City, have to go through Customs to transfer to the World Fantasy Award line, and vice-versa.

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