James Bacon Reviews Halo Jones

James Bacon’s latest post on the Forbidden Planet blog is a review of a stage production of Halo Jones, adapted from the comic written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Ian Gibson. The verdict? Thumbs up:

I had to smile, not just with pleasure, but in the realisation of how well Alan Moore’s words can translate onto the stage. I couldn’t remember what parts of the story were left out; there was no shame, just contentment that the stage writers, Ross Kelly and Ian Winterton, had skilfully given me more than enough to feel that this was indeed Halo Jones. It felt right.

I enjoyed James’ ability to make me feel like I was at the play in a seat beside him while he interpreted the performance – no small feat since I came to his review never having heard of the comic the play is based on.

Indeed, I had to look up what the title of James’ piece refers to. Forbidden Planet explains here:

Halo Jones is an ordinary, idealistic young woman living on The Hoop, a poverty-stricken housing project tethered off the point of Manhattan. Desperate for a better life, she escapes – and finds an extraordinary universe waiting for her as she goes from star-cruiser stewardess to frontline soldier… This was one of the most unusual of the earlier 2000AD series, focussing on the ‘increased leisure citizen’ (that’s unemployed to you and me) it remains a strip beloved by readers – if you have never read it I heartily recommend it; it is odd, quirky and brilliant.

Thanks to James for capturing in words an experience most fans would otherwise have missed.

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