Bankruptcy Court Allows Beagle To Resume Cochran Lawsuit

Peter Beagle can resume litigation against former manager Connor Cochran and related corporations under a motion granted by U.S. Bankruptcy Court on March 23. The federal court order has lifted the automatic stay that took effect when Connor Cochran and his companies filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 4, one day before trial was scheduled to begin in Peter S. Beagle’s lawsuit against them.

The order allows Beagle to proceed in California state court against Cochran, Avicenna Development Corporation, and Conlan Press, Inc. and obtain a final judgment.

Beagle sued Cochran in 2015 for $52 million in damages, disgorgement of illegal gains and restitution, and dissolution of two corporations he co-owns with Cochran, Avicenna Development Corporation, and Conlan Press, Inc.

The Bankruptcy court order says any judgments obtained in state court may only be executed with its permission. The order also frees Justin Bunnell and Sandbox LLC, a California partnership, to intervene in the Beagle/Cochran state action and pursue its claims for $300,000 invested in The Last Unicorn screening tour launched in 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Bankruptcy Court Allows Beagle To Resume Cochran Lawsuit

  1. It’s a HUGE victory for Perter and he’s ecstatic about it. It could well be settled with the Rat Bastard as I call him losing which would strip away his claims to damn near every revenue stream that he’s diverted to his own pockets. If you have the jones to him, please purchase his book at Tachyon Press as those are the only ones that he get much needed monies from.

    I met the Rat Bastard once with he, his wife and Peter were here in Portland, Maine on business related to the TLU graphic novel maybe four years back. Peter was charming, witty and very obviously of sound mine; the Rat Bastard was dominatating and as slimy as a snake oil salesman desperate to impress me. He didn’t manage at all to do so.

    I actually ended up taking down the edition, the second one we did at Green Man because the Rat Bastard edited it and he made claims in the reviews he annotated that simply weren’t true. Those reviews will go up at the new version of Green Man once I’ve time to edit out his comments.

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