Bob Lovell (1947-2012)

Robert G. Lovell Jr. – known in fandom as Bob and, when wearing his antlers, as “Chocolate Moose” — died January 15 in Houghton, Michigan. He was 64.

SF Site reminds us that Lovell supported the successful 1983 Worldcon bid by offering “Backrubs for Baltimore” at cons around fandom.

Though he became less active in fandom in later life, Lovell did make it to Chicon 2000. He attended in his scoutmaster’s uniform, recalls Michael Walsh.

A formal obituary is posted here.

Lovell is survived by his wife Sue and sons Endicott and James.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

Bob Lowell, in antlers, appears in this photo from the 1979 Balticon.

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One thought on “Bob Lovell (1947-2012)

  1. Bob also did some art for the bid. If I recall correctly he did a two page spread for the bid in the Denvention II Souvenir Book. It had robots climbing out of a beer stein and lining up to do a can-can. The result of quite a bit of beer and pizza.

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