Bradbury Review Features Drafts, Ideas

The third issue of The New Ray Bradbury Review, available from Kent State University Press, is devoted to Bradbury’s unpublished fragments and notes:

A prolific writer, Bradbury composed openings for stories that he never finished, together with pages of notes, sketches, and drafts that he kept in suspension for possible use in some form at some place in various narrative projects he was considering, as well as fragments of completed stories that are now lost. These pages are of great interest to anyone drawn to Bradbury’s creative mind, for they reveal his imagination at its most spontaneous. Readers will be excited to discover in this issue Bradbury’s sketches for “The Venusian Chronicles,” revealing a landscape and characters that, while clearly incomplete, carry on the themes of The Martian Chronicles. Included is a checklist of Bradbury’s extensive fragments, compiled by Donn Albright and Jonathan R. Eller.

The New Ray Bradbury Review is edited by William F. Toupounce, professor of English and adjunct professor of American Studies in the Institute for American Thought at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

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