Buhlert: Dublin 2019 Worldcon Photos — Part 3: Raksura Colony Tree

By Cora Buhlert: Here are my pics of the Raksura Colony Tree project at the Dublin 2019 Worldcon.

The pictures are mostly pretty self-explanatory. There is a before picture, several pictures of people working on the tree in the craft area, a photo of the table where the finished components were collected and finally the finished tree from several angles.

There is also a group photo of many of the people who contributed to the tree. The lady with the short hair in the Dublin volunteer t-shirt standing to the left of the model is Constanze Hofmann, display area head for Dublin 2019 and the person who initiated the project. The first person from the right kneeling in the front row and wearing a Dublin 2019 t-shirt is Jan Bass, wife of Filer David Wallace. I’m in the back row, the third person from the right.

I’ve also included a photo of a Bayeux style tapestry with added TARDIS that was displayed in the Warehouse at the Point at Dublin 2019, simply because it’s very cool.

The photos follow the jump.

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16 thoughts on “Buhlert: Dublin 2019 Worldcon Photos — Part 3: Raksura Colony Tree

  1. Thanks Cora, love the pictures! As you may have guessed, I was too busy/excited to take good ones of my own.

    Oh, and credit where credit is due: The Bayeux Tardis was created by Janet Clark.

  2. I’m glad everybody is enjoying the photos. This was a great project, so kudos to Constanze for coming up with the idea.

    And also thanks for IDing the person who made the Bayeux TARDIS.

  3. Awesome photos, @Cora Buhlert – this set and the previous two! I’m especially to see these photos; I only saw this early on, so it’s great to see the finished tree and environs. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the photos, Cora! I did get to see this on the final day; it’s a pity that the vividness of the colors and textures doesn’t come through in photographs. The waterfalls and lakes were especially nice.

  5. Yes, the waterfall and lake were made from a kind of glittery yarn that had been donated by the awesome Dublin based yarn and craft store This Is Knit and the glitter doesn’t come out in the photos.

    The person who made the waterfall and lake is the lady standing to my right in the photo, an American fan named Mickey who lives in Munich and also competed in the Masquerade.

    BTW, I took my trees and some other stuff home and will arrange everything in a large flower pot. Will post photos, when it’s finished.

  6. Thanks, Cora. For these and the other photos! I was especially curious how this would turn out.

  7. I saw that and it was even more awesome in person! Thanks for the photos, Cora.

    Constanze Hofmann also organized the hyperbolic crochet project in Helsinki. There’s quite a community of ephermeral SF crafters in a nascent stage and I hope they create a thriving con community. Their art is glorious.

  8. I sadly missed the hyperbolic crochet project in Helsinki or you would have found hanging around there a lot.

    And yes, I agree that both the Raksura Colony Tree project in Dublin as well as the hyperbolic crochet project in Dublin and the many craft workshops at Dublin show that there is a community of SFF crafters, which will hopefully brighten up many a con to come.

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