Burstein v. Kennedy?

Seeing that prospective Congressional candidate Michael A. Burstein might have to run against a Kennedy, I asked if that was much of a deterrent. He answered:

I see running against Joe Kennedy III as a welcome challenge, not a deterrent. I do like the way Universal Hub put it:  The “Kennedy Inevitability”.

The Hub says “His Inevitableness” did scare away a Boston City Councilor who thought about moving to Brookline to make a run for Barney Frank’s seat.

Interestingly, in covering Burstein’s exploratory committee The Hub headlined his role as a “Pluto Defender” and in the body of the article identified him as an “ardent supporter of Pluto’s role as the ninth planet in our solar system.” Burstein is President of the Society for the Preservation of Pluto as a Planet. I wonder if in Massachusetts this is considered espousing a conservative position? 

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