Cabinet of Curosities Arrives 10/29

Guillermo-del-Toro-Cabinet-of-Curiosities-300x378Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions shares the drawings, creatures, and ideas of things to come that fill the director’s private journals and filmmaking diaries.

Lavishly illustrated, the 260-page book also features an in-depth interview with the filmmaker conducted by Marc Scott Zicree, exploring the literary references, old films, and mythological figures that inspire him. And there is a tour of Del Toro’s second home, Bleak House, given over to his collections and working space.

Two pages of Del Toro’s artwork and notes from the book are reproduced in’s “exclusive peek”.

The Cabinet of Curosities begins with a foreword where James Cameron tells readers how Del Toro —

fearlessly confronts life in all its beauty and horror. He sees with the wonder and stark terror of a child. His notebooks are a map of the subconscious, and his films doorways into the dungeons of our dreams, allowing us to confront our own individual hearts of darkness, to do battle and emerge victorious.

There is an afterword by Tom Cruise, and other contributions from Neil Gaiman, John Landis, and Alfonso Cuaron.

HarperCollins releases the book on October 29. Del Toro previews his creation in this video —

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

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2 thoughts on “Cabinet of Curosities Arrives 10/29

  1. I applaud his intent, and envy him and others who are able to confront the horrors and terrors which lurk in the human mind and in human life. As I age, I find myself less able to contemplate such things and sometimes even wake screaming in the night unless I take preventative medicine first.

    Such bravery in a personal space is a thing to be acknowledged, lauded, honored. Great artists venture where the lesser of us fear to tread, and bring back strange visions which increase the scope of our lives.

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