Canadian Faned Award Voting Stats

Voting for the 2013 Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards (“Faneds”) is now complete. The winners will be announced at VCON 38 in Vancouver in October. Only Canadians are eligible for the “Faneds,” designed to promote Canadian SF&F fanzine fandom and its heritage.

A successful transition to selecting the winners by vote is a feather in the cap of founder R. Graeme Cameron who created the “Faneds” in 2011. In the first year he acted as sole judge, then in 2012 picked winners with the help of “peer consultation and suggestion.” Now in 2013 he has been able to institute a formal vote by Canadian fans.

There were 19 voters — Keith Braithwaite, Lindsay Brown, R. Graeme Cameron, Paula Johanson, Cathy Palmer-Lister, Steve Fahnestalk, Keith Lim, Jenni Merrifield, Murray Moore, Andrew C. Murdoch, Lloyd Penney, Yvonne Penney, Lester Rainsford, Garth Spencer, Sylvain St-Pierre, Felicity Walker, Taral Wayne, Neil Williams, and Rose Wilson.

Nine of the voters are from British Columbia, 6 from Ontario and 4 from Quebec.

Each voter cast 3 weighted votes in each category with first choice worth 3 points, 2nd choice worth 2, and 3rd choice worth 1.

Cameron, multiplying the categories and the voters, determined there were 151 votes awarding a total of 294 points.

The 25 nominee slots were filled by 18 different candidates, some of them competing in more than one category.

The maximum points a nominee could potentially receive was 57, and the most points actually received by a winner was 40.

Cameron proudly observes:

The vote, meagre as it is (but then, so is the scope and scale of Canadian Fanzine Fanac), is truly a peer sponsored award, in that — as far as I am aware — almost all the voters were or are active in Canadian fanzine fandom:

8 = current, active Faneds
5 = Faneds active in the past
3 = are current contributors to zines
3 = readers.

[Thanks to R. Graeme Cameron for the scoop.]

Award certificate created by Taral in 2011.

Award certificate created by Taral in 2011.

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